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Technology and Production

Technology and Production
Lumber Wrap Technology and Production

PIC PROWRAP has many years of experience in the Wide Web Flexographic Printing Industry.

This experience is achieved by our specialists that have amassed skills and technology over many decades of working with plastics. Combining all of our expertise, we bring a great finished product to our customers.

We are able to offer our clients a variety of printed or plain fabrics that are suited for Lumberwrap and Steelwrap applications. Our 144” wide web flexographic printing press is capable of printing up to three colours (a fourth color can be added under certain situations) on fabrics as wide as 144”; meeting the needs of the most critical customer and applications.

Whether you have your company logo on hand electronically or not, we can get your branding onto our fabric without delay. With our own in-house graphics department, you can rest assured that your company branding will be exposed to your customers and the public in general.

With our experienced engineers as well as decades of printing experience, we are able to offer more than just “Industrial Printing”. It’s state of the Art.

Your business is important to us. We work in sure belief that your success is our success!!

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Lumber Wrap

Your product is a reflection of you! You can’t wrap your product with just any wrap. As it’s not just “wood” to you, it’s not just “lumber wrap” to us. Your product is the most important asset, it’s your pride and value. We feel the same about our wrap, whether it’s a printed product or a plain generic wrap.

We supply both PE (polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene) woven coated Lumber Wrap fabrics. Both product lines come in white / black and white / Tan (beige) colour coatings.

Most Polyethylene wraps are made from two types of ethylene polymers. One is high density polyethylene resins (HDPE) and the other is low density polyethylene resins (LDPE). All our lumber wrap products are UV protected for extended outdoor usage.