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PIC PROWRAP is a subsidiary of Puyoung Group in Korea. A corporation specializing in woven polyethylene fabrics and tarpaulin manufacturing, we produce tarps and coated products through our factories in Nonsan, Korea and Qingdao, China. As a vendor of products in the global market, Puyoung Group is growing into the world's leading high-tech firm in the woven polyethylene market.

PIC PROWRAP is specialized in coated woven wood packaging and lumber wrap product solutions for every kind of wood from raw manufacturing stage to the final wood applications. With Puyoung’s global manufacturing facilities, PIC PROWRAP manufactures a full line of custom coated woven, reinforced and custom colour printed wood/lumber wrap covers. PIC PROWRAP also provides various purpose Tarps / General Tarpaulin Sheet, as well as Industrial Fabrics for construction, farming, leisure and home appliances area.

PIC PROWRAP is located in Chilliwack, in the upper Fraser Valley of BC Canada, just a short one hour drive from Vancouver. Our convenient location allows for us to provide prompt and speedy delivery to our customers in the Pacific Northwest, the lower mainland of Vancouver and Central BC Canada. Customers located in Northern BC, Alberta, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Oregon are only a days drive from our plant. Other customers in Alabama, Michigan, Arkansas, Illinois and even South America are still within our shipping range. Moreover, being located close to the port of Vancouver, we are able to import our raw materials with great ease.


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